CODE-RIGInals: Committed to building an original tech future

At CodeRigi, it’s not just the codes, it’s the people.

We are a custom software and product development company focused on building innovative softwares and IT solutions for brands, enterprises, and startups of various industries.



Guess What?

OUR JOURNEY began 7 years ago, with our pioneer scratching codes on notebooks in a pursuit to learn a digital way of making lives easier. Since then, evolution has brought computers and people his way to share in and expand the vision, while also leaving a trail of provided solutions behind...

NOW…we strive to make life easier for people. We develop websites, apps, and web apps that solve everyday dilemmas in the most elegant and efficient way possible.

IT DOESN’T END THERE…we are not just developers; we are dreamers. We believe the future is resident in the mind, and the now is the built future. Because of this, we are excited to bring to digital life whatever ideas our clients can envision. We are also creatives and so, are complete with a team that can take any idea from thought to product, providing every service required to scale and sell your product.

AT CODERIGI, you don’t just get a developer, you get a business partner. We support our clients to enhance their businesses by tapping into technology and creativity to solve problems. We are driven to understand your business needs, then we help you find the right way to build them.

Our Mission

We believe the future is resident in the mind and are on a mission to take individuals and businesses from idea to solution.

Our Vision

To be a leader in using available and emerging technologies to develop softwares that profer future-forward solutions to societal needs, so the world is made easier for all.

Our Values

Convicted on Originality, Delivering Excellent Results Instituted Greatly on Innovation